I've Moved!


I have left this blog open, as it's still gets some traffic and I actually use it as a reference. I spent a lot of time on this puppy! 

I have a new site! Tawnya Boe Art 

I will eventually link all of my arts to TBA - and that will include a link to some references on this site. I have art prints and, by request, greeting cards of the whimsical style for sale. Lots of other pieces in my gallery to point and say "OH CUTE!" to. 

I welcome you and it would mean so much if you clicked your way over to check out my new site.

Tawnya Boe Art and Illustration


Just to Mention...

Hi everyone! 

I'm stopping for a quick line. Well, a link to be exact. I'm starting a photo blog at "boe's photos" I've tried finding an online gallery to organize my photos, but I've decided to go this route. A person doesn't need to say much on a photo blog because it's the photo that draws attention so I'll do more of my craft-talk here. 

I haven't been crafting much at all this summer, hence the lack of bloggage - :) I do have several projects started that I will finish. The summer is coming to an end and I'll be able to finish up and start new projects. ...then blog. Of course blog. 

Thanks for caring and visiting! I will see blogland again soon. :)


Lupine and Daisies

Hi again...

I had to run out to photograph my lupine for you after all. They are so pretty!

And my daisies! Ooo, ahh, Ohh!

Alpha Male. Chubahka.

Alpha Male Wannabe. :) Lancelot.